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Baked brie with pear and fig compote

by Lorena

Difficulty 2/5

Cheese is one of my favourite ingredients; and when I have guests over or want to munch on something nice, I always have some cheese on hand. To make something different though, this time I’ll show you how to make a baked brie with a really easy fig and pear compote. It’s super easy and you can see the step by step on my Youtube channel :). 

– 500g round brie (with the rind all around)
– 2 pears
– 4 figs
– Juice of 1 lime
– 50g honey

You can see it on the video, but I’ll lay it out for you here anyway 🙂
1. Peel and cut the pears and figs in small squares. It goes in a pot over medium heat with the lime juice and honey until it looks like a marmalade.
2. Remove the top rind from the brie, leaving about 2mm around it so that it doesn’t spill in the oven.
3. Serve hot! You can make the compote before and put it on top at room temperature and it works amazing.

I hope you like it and make this recipe!! It’s really amazing 🙂


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