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Christmas Special: The Sweet Potato

by Lorena

Difficulty 1/5

As long as I can remember sweet potatoes have been present in my Christmas dinner, usually in the form of a casserole where they were made into a puree and then topped with marshmallows that were then golden in the oven. Even though I love this version, I have to say they have me pretty bored so I decided to give the recipe a twist. Here we have slices of sweet potatoes, cooked in the oven in chicken stock and topped with butter for a nice glaze on top. YUM!!!!

You can either home-make the stock (which is what I did and I will show you) or either skip the step if you’re really in a hurry and use 1 chicken cube diluted in 500ml water. However, I must say the difference is quite notorious in delicacy. This stock I use for this recipe, the rice pilaf and the turkey, so if you’re doing my whole menu, you might want to double this recipe.


For the chicken stock:
IMG_2090.jpg– 6 chicken drumsticks or wings
– 200g carrot, sliced to 1cm
– 200g onion, chopped large, approx. like the carrot
– 100g celery, chopped to 1cm sticks- 1 bay leaf
– 1 sprig rosemary
– cold water to top up

For the sweet potato:
IMG_2086– 1.1kg sweet potato, sliced to 2mm
– 100g butter
– about 500ml of the above recipe for chicken stock


1. First we make the stock by putting everything in our large pot. Remember the water should be enough to cover the ingredients.
2. Let it simmer for two hours. It should not boil profusely or it will evaporate before you can do anything with it! During this time, the chicken and veg will start to release some fat, which you must remove constantly so your stock is nice and clear. I’ll leave you a before and after:


3. Once the time has gone by, pass it through a fine mesh and you’ll have your stock ready to use.
4. Put the slices of sweet potato in the oven dish in layers with some salt and pepper, no so much as to take down the sweetness of the sweet potato, though. It’s just for a punch of flavour. Then, fill with stock to the top of the sweet potatoes, and pinch the butter or cut in cubes and scatter on top.
5.Place in the oven at 180 for 30min or until you can put your knife in and the sweet potato (specially the ones in the center) offer no resistance.

That’s it! Serve with some extra sprigs rosemary and enjoy!!

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