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Creamy chocolate cheesecake

by Lorena

Difficulty 2/5

This cheesecake is really extreme: chocolaty, super creamy, sweet, simply perfect. Also, have you seen how that ganache is going down the sides? I call it total perfection. I made this for my nephew’s birthday and I swear everyone was fighting over the pieces (the first and the second serving). The base is made from oreo cookies which goes perfectly with the chocolate filing. Very very yummy. Try it at home, it’s really out of this world. The only thing you need to consider is that this cheesecake needs to stay in the fridge overnight before it can be consumed or it will fall apart because it’s so creamy, so just bare that in mind ;).

Portions: 12, in a 24cm springform mould

For the base:
– 64 oreo crackers (that’s to say, 32 oreo pairs without the filling)
– 8 tbsp butter
– 1/4 tbsp salt

For the cheesecake:
– 910g cream cheese (at room temperature)
– 350g sugar
– 5 cdas unsweetened cocoa powder
– 4 eggs
– 280g dark chocolate couverture, melted in the microwave at 30 second intervals, mixing in between. Cool down to room temperature before using
– 115g whipping cream
– 1/4 cdta vanilla essence

For the ganache:
– 125g whipping cream
– 60g sugar
– 125g dark chocolate couverture

1. Powder the oreo crackers in a food processor with the salt
2. Melt the butter and mix it with the oreo powder, then press this mix to the bottom of your mould using the back of a spoon. It will be easier later on if you put some baking paper underneath just to help you unstick it afterwards. Bake this for 10min in the oven at 170C.
IMG_8664IMG_86673. Cream up the cream cheese with the sugar and vanilla essence until very smooth and without lumpsIMG_8671
4. Then add the eggs and mix until completely blended together
5. Add the cocoa powder and cream and whip up until extremely smooth. Then add the melted chocolate (remember to cool it down to room temperature first).
IMG_86736. Add the mix on top of your cooled down base.
7. Bake at 160C for 45min to 1hr maximum. The center will go from really wobbly to just wobbly, and this is fine because it will finish to thicken in the fridge overnight or at least 6 hours. The first picture below is right after the oven and the next is the day after 🙂
8. Unmould your beauty! Because it’s so creamy you can arrange the filling with a knife if it’s not completely smooth.
9. For the ganache, melt the chocolate in a slightly simmering bain marie (any more will burn it) and warm up your cream and sugar until the sugar dissolves. It should not be boiling at all, if it is, let it cool down to just steaming before you use it or it will also burn the chocolate.
10. Put the cream all at once on top and just start making circles at the center of the pot it will slowly come together nicely.
11. Pour the ganache on top and with a spoon help it around the edges to make nice controlled drops instead of a huge waterfall. Decorate with fruits and keep inside the fridge 😉

That’s it! Look at this amazing cake, isn’t it just perfect? I hope you like it! Comment below which type of cheesecake you prefer 🙂 See you in the next post!

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Jessica August 9, 2016 - 6:37 pm

Love the picture!! Looks delicious! ?

Chef Lorena August 9, 2016 - 7:10 pm

Thank you, Jessica!!


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